Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kelly Bennett's Newest Picture Book: One Day I Went Rambling

Kelly is a good friend of mine and I want y'all to know more about her.

Kelly Bennett writes books for children--both fiction and non-fiction. Her work also has appeared in national magazines and newspapers.

"I write what I know about--friendship, pets, family life," says Kelly, "But I also write about things I want to know about. While I'm writing, every story is a mystery--a mystery waiting to be solved. And who doesn't love a good mystery?"

Sometimes, the real mystery is what name will Kelly use on this book? Some of the names Kelly has written under are Kelly Goldman, Kelly Goldman Bennett, Patty McAndrews, Kate Donelly, and Jill Max, the pseudonym used for work co-written with Ronnie Davidson. (For more about "Jill Max" go to

A native of California, Kelly graduated from Huntington Beach High School in 1976. Upon receiving an Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts from Fullerton College, she continued her education at the University of California at Fullerton and California State University at San Jose. Kelly is a graduate of the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adult Program.

As a child, Kelly wrote her feelings rather than speak them aloud--a practice which led to the writing life she enjoys today. Her greatest inspiration springs from adventures with her children, Max and Alexis, and her husband, Curtis. Kelly divides her time between her home in Jakarta, Indonesia and Houston, Texas.

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  1. Hi Pam,
    Thank you for taking time from celebrating your new, beautiful granddaughter, to join the LGRBT! Terri Murphy and I sure appreciate it! You and I have sure had fun rambling together--looking forward to more!