Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Victorian Calling Cards

Back in the 1800s, both men and women of middle and upper classes used calling cards.  These cards had their names printed on them and were the size of today's business cards.

You would present the card to the servant who answered the door as a way of introducing yourself.  When you called on someone, you visited them in their homes, spending a large part of the day with them.  If you called and that person wasn't home, then you'd leave your calling card to show that you'd come by to see them.  Sometimes a very short note was jotted on the card in the corner or on the back.  Sometimes the calling card would list the days and times when you were available for a social visit.

A calling card tray was in the entrance and a servant would leave your card there.  It was considered polite for the absent person to return the social call within one week.  You would have had a case to hold your cards to keep them nice-looking, and it would have been made out of sterling silver or ivory or something similar.

Change "calling card" to "business card" and it sounds somewhat like what we do today.  When a businessman visits a company or meets someone, he hands out one of his business cards.  The card will list the businessman's name and contact information, and maybe even a tiny bit about the company.  While "calling" today can mean a personal visit, it often means a phone call or email or visiting a website.

Do writers need business cards?  Find out in tomorrow's post.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Good Intentions and Passionate Subjects

I really do have good intentions when it comes to blogging.  And, yes, I do know where good intentions lead.  LOL!  Edie Melson always inspires me to get back to blogging, and she's right.  It's a great way to connect with people.

Perhaps I'm trying too hard to make blogging work.

I think I'm trying to make it like writing an essay for class, instead of making it a conversation.  So I'm trying to change that.  Some of my blogs may turn out like essays, but some may be more like this one...a conversation about what's going on in my life.

I should blog about my passions, and, of course, one of my passions is writing.  That's one reason I chose "Hurt the Bunnies" as this blog's name.  I love to write, to create stories about fun and interesting characters (that grow into people I love), as well as to research and learn new facts, and then relate them in a fun and interesting way to readers.  I love to teach others how to write, to share my knowledge and see the articles and stories that my students write.  I love to edit, to help shape an article or story into something that will sell. I love to sell books, sharing my favorites with customers.  I love to read!

Another passion of mine is animals.  I love all of God's creatures...with the exception of roaches.  I absolutely can't stand cockroaches.  They have no redeeming quality that I can see, and I think it would take an almost impossible amount of convincing to change my mind.  Nope.  Nothing will change my mind about roaches.

Kids are another passion.  I really enjoy them, whether I'm teaching them, writing for them, or just playing with them.  I thoroughly enjoyed my boys when they were growing up (okay, I still enjoy them!).  But I've discovered an incredible new love...that love I have for my grandchildren.  It's so hard to explain why I have such a tremendous amount of love for them, so I won't.  I'll just enjoy them.

I have a passion for Jesus and am so thankful that He gave His life so that I can live mine, knowing that I'll have eternal life in Heaven with Him.  It's another hard to explain passion and love.  I want to learn more and more about Jesus, about God, and I want to share what I've learned with others.

Man, I have lots of passions, don't I?

What are you passionate about?

Friday, April 12, 2013